Emergency Meetings All Over Hollywood

Disney just ordered an emergency meeting at Pinewood today.

Very high level.

There can be no doubt as to the cause. Warner Media’s decision to put their entire slate of films for 2020 and 2021 is now forcing everyone’s hand.

The executives have been rounded up and dragged in by four of Big Five studios. I suspect before the end of the month and possibly before the end of the week all of them will be following Warner Media’s lead and put all of their slates on their respective streaming services. Probably the most worried is MGM, whose streaming service is such a flop I had to check to make sure it still exists.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Meetings All Over Hollywood

  1. Hello,

    Well its not a surprise. The only question is how many Democratic politicians, looking at you Whitmer and Newsome, insist on shutting down all businesses and social gatherings. Who has any faith that Biden (Harris) won’t shut the nation down for at least 6 months to fight COVID. How many businesses are stable enough to last through another shutdown. I’d wager not many and ironically Hollywood is the among the most vulnerable and and has the weakest hand to be able to survive.


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