Dune Trailer Drop

Okay, it looks better than I thought it would.

I admit that freely.

Jason Momomomomoa (fuck it, spell checker doesn’t know and I’m looking it up) is an intriguing choice for Duncan Idaho.

I can accept Josh Brolin as Gurney. And Dave Bautista isn’t a bad choice at all for the Beast Raban at all.

What I want to know is who the fuck is playing Feyd? There is no listing in the IMDB credits at all. They’ve got Jamis but not Feyd? There has been several rumored choices (Bill Skarsgård for one) but it appears there is still nothin in stone, which is kind of weird this late in the game.

9 thoughts on “Dune Trailer Drop

  1. I like most of the casting choices for the film. I’m not sure I care for how the film looks. It’s too bland. That’s fine for Arrakis for exteriors. Interiors need to have some life. Otherwise, it might have potential.


    1. Well, Lynch did capture the feel of the book. Each location has a different look and ambiance. The technology has the correct appearance. It’s a medieval society in space and Lynch captured that. The trailer doesn’t have that.


  2. The choice of music is absolutely bonkers. Why Pink Floyd? Why not use Leon Redbone singing Frosty the Snowman? Or the Village People?


  3. Yeah, this looks pretty good. The Lynch movie was great and terrible. True story from when I saw it. The audience was dead silent at the end. I had kind of liked it, but It had also been a bit of a beat-down. So we quietly got up and headed for the exit, which went directly outside. When I had arrived at the theater, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We exited into pouring rain. As one, we looked up and shouted, “Muab D’ib!”

    I did think that Lynch did about as well as anyone could with the internal dialogue. Dune is a lot like LOTR in that it’s not really filmable as written. But I enjoy watching people try.


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