Popculture Death Cart: July 9

Haven’t done an update on this subject for a bit.   Brie Larsen I had, at one point, looked into starting a YouTube channel.  I was pricing equipment and studying how YouTube worked.  And then I gave up on starting a channel because I decided it was a terrible idea, once I knew how it worked.  It would have […]

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The Shit-Bird Short-Bird is Out

Alexander Vindman. Army Lieutenant Colonel and perspective Ukrainian Defense Minister has put in his retirement papers. From Ace: Vindman’s name was forwarded for possible promotion. Anti-American liar Tammy Duckworth stated that she would hold up all promotions unless this Ukrainian partisan was promoted further in the US Army. Apparently Trump said “Fuck you.” The armed […]

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The Tea Party Is Still Dumb

The Iron Ding-Bat is having a bit of a winning steak at the moment. True, she did lose on her efforts to close Carl the Barber permanently. But she did get the opening day of the recall drive pushed back forty days, (there is a limited window of time with which you may gather petition […]

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Is Kathleen Kennedy Finally Out?

The annual festival, Star Wars Celebrations, which was scheduled for the end of August has been canceled for this year… And next year. Now, it’s perfectly understandable as to why Celebrations would be shut down this year. It takes place at Disneyland, in California and Fort Mickey West is not re-opening on schedule due to […]

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