Popculture Death Cart: July 9

Haven’t done an update on this subject for a bit.  

Brie Larsen

I had, at one point, looked into starting a YouTube channel.  I was pricing equipment and studying how YouTube worked.  And then I gave up on starting a channel because I decided it was a terrible idea, once I knew how it worked.  It would have been far too much time spent with too little reward for what I would want out of it.  And that was before Cancel Culture infected it.

So, while I never got into YouTube, I understand why that community is quietly seething at Brie Larsen.

She has “started a channel.” And has been handed everything on a silver platter that the members of that community have to root, hog, and die to get.  It’s normal to resent something like that, I don’t blame them.  If I had gone that route I’d be there with them.

Mostly because, on top of Larsen having been handed an established platform with no effort at all on her part, she clearly has no idea at all what to do with it.  What her audience gets is to watch is Brie Larsen pretending to be genuine.



The producers of Batwoman have settled on a replacement for Ruby Rose. And this is her:


I was going to make fun of them for Even More Woke Casting.

But after a couple of minutes of research, I can safely say that she is a drastically better choice for the job than Ruby Rose ever was.

Ruby Rose can not act.  And that couldn’t have been news to the producers when they hired her.  Now in a show like Batwoman, it’s perfectly understandable to hire a female Ray Park, who can handle the action scenes even if she is going to struggle with dramatic interpretation.  But Ruby Rose couldn’t do that either.  She was clearly uncoordinated and ungainly with an indifferent sense of conscious proprioception.  Also, she was allergic to the costume. 

And last but not least, according to reports from the set, she was “not a trouper.” I’ll give credit where it’s due to a “trouper.”  I once knew an actor in Chicago who was a fairly loathsome human being in every respect but finished an entire performance of As You Like It, with a freshly broken wrist because he was “a trouper.”  Ruby Rose on the other hand was allegedly constant in her bitching about her working conditions and hours.  The only thing she ever brought to the party was being an IRL lesbian.  That was the only reason they hired her.

The producers seemed to have learned their lesson. They appear to have figured out that it is much easier to hire someone who can act, as well as handle the physicality required by the part and then just have her say, she’s lesbian. Javicia Leslie, claims to be bisexual but she is living with a man.  According to her bio, she is trained in Muay Thai, boxing, and dance.

Like I said, I wanted to make fun of their choice but it actually looks like a good one.

Of course, the show is still going to be shit.


Comic shops

The comic book shops who were so inexplicably loyal to Diamond Distributors during the peak of the COVID Crisis, have gotten over it.   The shops were loyal to Diamond because Diamond, being a monopoly, was in a position to be lenient about prompt payment.  When you are in an industry that is on track to arrive at Oblivionville, that is quite a help.  A few of the shop owners can still convince themselves that things will turn around and that a new boom is just around the corner.

But the truth is that there will never be another boom for the pamphlets. Zoomers aren’t interested at all.  They read Manga books but not comic pamphlets.  The shop owners are in an industry where the best you can do is manage the decline.   

And now, Diamond wants to be paid, “damn it, on time.”  Also, they want to be paid more.  In a nutshell, Diamond is diddling with their delivery schedule to increase the amount of money that is owed to Diamond by the shops.  And this came along on top of the prolonged closures.

There are rumors that Diamond knows the end will come in the next twelve months and is maximizing its cash intake while the sun is still shining. And they don’t give a crap that they sending the Comic Book Guys under that much faster. After all, they going away anyway, so there is no point in making friends with the dying.

Okay, I’m done here.

4 thoughts on “Popculture Death Cart: July 9

  1. “Brie Larson pretending to be genuine”
    That I don’t need to see.

    About New!Batwoman: holy racist backstory, Batman! “With no one in her life to keep her on track, Ryan spent years as a drug-runner, dodging the GCPD and masking her pain with bad habits.” The only reason they didn’t give her three children from three different fathers is that they had to make her a lesbian.

    Also, I love this part: “Ryan is the most dangerous type of fighter: highly skilled and wildly undisciplined.” Which is kinda like saying “the cold at the heart of the sun” or “dry water.”

    Also also, is there any chance that they’ll address in-universe the slight improbability, statistically speaking, of two lesbians in a row getting the costume?


      1. …and that is where she got her supreme martial arts training. There is no more brutal, merciless and bloodthirsty of a fight than a Lesbian break-up with cats on the line.


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