The Shit-Bird Short-Bird is Out

One Purple Heart and the rest are squat-to-piss ribbons.

Alexander Vindman. Army Lieutenant Colonel and perspective Ukrainian Defense Minister has put in his retirement papers.

From Ace:

Vindman’s name was forwarded for possible promotion. Anti-American liar Tammy Duckworth stated that she would hold up all promotions unless this Ukrainian partisan was promoted further in the US Army.

Apparently Trump said “Fuck you.” The armed forces are up or out at the higher ranks; you’re either promoted, or you retire.”

True enough.

I am curious as to why Vindman did what he did. He had clearly and obviously been passed over twice. And you only get three shots at it.

The first pass doesn’t matter all that much but if you get turned down the second time as an O-5, you better buy a business suit because full-bird is not going to happen. You either didn’t have the check marks you needed on your officer’s resume, or your personality was such that your superiors had already said, nope, not him.

Given his high profile post at the NSA, I strongly suspect it was his personality that did him in. The man reeks of affronted Gamma Male self-importance. As did the back room leaks he allededgly made to Adam Schiff.

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