Drinker Reviews The Last of Us Part II

So, that I don’t have to.

Which is good because I sure as hell won’t bother with it.

Honestly, I’m not going to bother with any game that has this much of a “plot.” Games as I have repeatedly said, are fundamentally compromised as storytelling devices because they are trying to convey two types of entertainment at once. You can’t maintain story momentum while your avatar is bumbling around doing fuck-all in the game. So the story is going to be a continuous series of fits and stops.

It’s hard enough to do one of these things right, doing two at once is impossible.

According to Drinker the story itself is a competent one but it’s also the kind I absolutely hate. It’s an Alien III, where the ending of the previous story is completely ruined to get some emotional traction. And according to Drinker, there were a lot better ways to tell a revenge story that didn’t destroy this universe.

Once again, Wokeness has delivered a shattered fanbase and broken franchise. You’d think they’d learn but of course, they can’t afford to because they would end up having to ask why they failed?

The answer to that is one is Earth-shattering for them so it’s easier to keep failing.

3 thoughts on “Drinker Reviews The Last of Us Part II

  1. Critical Drinker is awesome. But…his off the cuff remark about the trans kid character fleeing the Christian community from whence he/she/it came was irksome. I as a gamer should be pleased Naughty Dog was not too heavy-handed on the trans child character? Uh, thanks…I guess? No, fuck that, fuck Naughty Dog for shoving this crap in my face when I just wanted to see what Joel and Ellie are up to now, and fuck Satan’s minions injecting this garbage in everything short of a Spongebob movie. And we’ll see if they hold back on that one.

    Thanks to Critical Drinker for the “Ellie is gay, by the way” repeatedly. He was more fair to that game than it had any right to expect. And thanks to Cataline for the link and the words–have to check this site and Vox’s every day to ensure I don’t miss out. Appreciate your work.


  2. I remember Critical Drinker being a little bit of a cuck when he reviewed the Clan of the Cave Bear movie. People in the UK tend to be a bit more on the liberal side than those on the American side of the pond thanks to their collectivist tendencies.

    I’ve noticed a lot of reviewers who had hated the story in TLOU2, giving the game a pass on various things, praising its art, its boldness, and gameplay. But what good is a high level of craftsmanship, if it’s harnessed to create a work of evil? If anything, that makes it worse, since the artists tied up in this project couldn’t be free to pursue better ones. Your comparison of the game to Alien 3 is spot on. Even to the “destroying the family the heroine rightfully earned in the previous movie” beat. I’ll say this about Alien 3 though – it was the product of hackery and extreme production troubles, not out of one deranged man’s desire to hijack a beloved property to spread his political philosophy. Also, Alien 3 didn’t end with Ripley refusing to sacrifice herself and letting the alien burst out of her chest alive because “it deserved a chance. Revenge is pointless.”


  3. Wow, I couldn’t get though the video, the dialogue and characters were so bad. There was nothing I saw about that game that was remotely compelling. I don’t understand why people tolerate this crap. Unless they are so desperate to be entertained they will put up with being insulted so long as they can escape reality.


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