Shall Atlanta Burn?

At shift changes in Atlanta last night a large number of officers turned in their badges and guns. You don’t do that shift change. You do that when you quit. The official story is that 9-11 calls are not being answered in three of it’s six zones. However, there are reports on Twitter that it […]

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Reading the Silmarillion

I gave reading it a shot in college. Past a certain point it became obvious that my desire for seconds on the Lord of the Rings was going to go unfulfilled and I gave up. I don’t regret doing that because my mind wasn’t ready for it. I really didn’t know how to read it. […]

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This is a Cult

A cult has begun a mass indoctrination. Stage I for any cult. Find a weakness in the Mark and exploit it. In this case the weakness is White Fragility.  So, if you wish to exploit that weakness you name the Mark a racist. And (this part is vital) you also tell the Mark that her racism […]

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The header picture gave me two major shocks. One was seeing FBI agents kneeling. The other and bigger stunner was just how FAT two of them were. I mean they are pig FAT! They probably were grateful for a chance to get off their feet they were so FAT! Personal bit of history. there was […]

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Music Night

In case you feel like telling me in the comments that you hate my music, rest assured, I respect your choice and my banning you for life is merely a courtesy extra awarded to myself. FIRST It does not surprise me that I now live in a world where Nolan’s Bain looks like a vastly […]

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What the hell is the reverse of making Jews wear yellow stars? I’m trying to figure out if their frantic, panic induced cannibalism is something to worry about or laugh at. If this young idiot had a better background in history then she would know that what she is worried about is the rise of […]

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