Shall Atlanta Burn?

At shift changes in Atlanta last night a large number of officers turned in their badges and guns. You don’t do that shift change. You do that when you quit.

The official story is that 9-11 calls are not being answered in three of it’s six zones. However, there are reports on Twitter that it is happening in all six of it’s zones. and that there was massive call-in. The number of Atlanta police out with the Blue Flu or just plain quit aren’t known.

The media is lying it’s ass off about the breadth of this crisis, saying only that “some officers have called in sick.” Making it sound like ten or so rather than so many that the Atlanta PD is now operationally dead in the water.

Those that did show up are doing a White Mutiny. Following every single regulation to the letter. Not proceeding to the next call until the one they were on was written up. Not turning on the lights and rigidly following all traffic laws. That kind of thing.

The mayor is as lost as any Democrat mayor. And is demanding that the Police show up because they just got a raise.

Well, dumb-ass, you can’t spend a raise if you are dead or in prison. And you Madame Mayor have made it clear that it is illegal for a cop defend his own life in Atlanta. Of course they walked off.


4 thoughts on “Shall Atlanta Burn?

  1. I also read that surrounding jurisdictions have told their officers not to respond to calls from Atlanta as required per agreements.

    The stupidity of Atlanta’s leadership is astounding. They immediately fire the officer and then go all out on a murder charge. What did they think would happen? They have made it impossible to arrest a black person.


  2. No need to worry. Deputy Police Commissioner Kornelius Popper said on the radio that the APD is ramping up hiring and temporarily lowering standards to meet the shortfall. Experience with handguns is a plus, and a criminal record is not necessarily disqualifying.


  3. My best guess is that this is what the Atlanta politicians want. They want to goad Trump into sending in the military to restore order, and then blame him if soldiers shoot someone. It won’t work but they are getting pretty desperate as Biden continues to deteriorate and Trump grows stronger.


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