What the hell is the reverse of making Jews wear yellow stars?

I’m trying to figure out if their frantic, panic induced cannibalism is something to worry about or laugh at.

If this young idiot had a better background in history then she would know that what she is worried about is the rise of an American Freikorps.

Honestly, I’m not that sure that the American Right can get that organized.

Today, historical illiterates equate the Friekorps with the Nazis, however, it should be remembered that, “in Hitler’s ‘Röhm Purge’ speech to the Reichstag on 13 July 1934, he implied that the Freikorps were one of the groups of “pathological enemies of the state.”

A pity that Röhm wasn’t the traitor Hitler said he was. A lot of trouble could have been avoided.

4 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. “What the hell is the reverse of making Jews wear yellow stars?”
    Asking Muslims to sew red rocks? Although maybe the opposite of yellow is blue…


  2. I’m pretty sure this is satire.

    And I’d love it if everyone would stop bringing up the Holocaust in regards to modern politics. It usually has no relevance to the issue and even when it does it’s a historical event which doesnt have an emotional connection to most people.


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