Music Night

In case you feel like telling me in the comments that you hate my music, rest assured, I respect your choice and my banning you for life is merely a courtesy extra awarded to myself.


It does not surprise me that I now live in a world where Nolan’s Bain looks like a vastly preferable Right-wing leader than any Republican in the Senate. I’m just a little taken aback that it happened overnight.

“Now, is not the time for fear. That comes later.” Bain 2024


Radiohead’s Creep.

As sung by someone with actual talent.


Dead South’s: Gun Slinger Glory

I tend to waffle on these guys. Some of their stuff I like, Other’s I don’t.

This one I like a lot but fair warning, it’s an EXTENDED outlaw ballad but is genuine Western music.


Okay, something a little lighter. Vox has Baby Metal. I have Crow Class.

I admire the use of traditional Japanese musical instruments in a modern number.


Okay, it’s Friday night, you are into your cups and want something lighter.

Cataline has you covered there too.

Okay, I’m done here.

4 thoughts on “Music Night

  1. Minecraft and FNAF parody songs,
    The Cog is Dead, Steampunk Giraffe (very, very early SPG. Like the first two years, because Lord love a duck)
    Early Music
    The Limeliters & the Kingston Trio & the Harry Belafonte Folk Singers
    Suzanne Vega

    People like what they like. Just steer clear of the folks who’ve gone demonic, no matter how great the tunes. (See SPG above)


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