Oh WTF Mary Sue?!?!

It’s not like I expect a lot from the Mary Sue. It’s not possible to expect a lot from a site that pays as low as $5.00 an article. People who write for this web-splat are just in it for the attention.

But still…

“The remake will be written by Kari Granlund, who scripted Disney+s’ Lady and the Tramp live-action remake with trained animals. Carlos Lopez Estrada (Blindspotting) will direct the feature, is set to premiere on Disney+ as well. Unlike Lady and the Tramp, the new Robin Hood will be a live-action/CG hybrid format, with the anthropomorphic cast retaining their animal/human hybrid looks. 

So what exactly will this look like? Will the characters in the new Robin Hood resemble the disturbing cat/human hybrids in Cats? And more importantly, will we still be horny for fox Robin Hood?

Oh what the fuck Mary Sue?!?!

This is your biggest worry? Will I still be able to fap to an animated furry character? Worse you were apparently doing so for years! And you felt free to admit that in public!

4 thoughts on “Oh WTF Mary Sue?!?!

  1. Two things:
    1)”Lady and the Tramp” remake with trained animals? Are they really that desperate? Is there going to be a remake of “The Black Cauldron” in a few years?
    2)I think my favorite version of “This is your biggest worry?” was when they complained about Toothless – the cutesy black dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon” – getting a white female dragon as a love interest in the third movie, instead of a black dragon boyfriend; it was particularly funny because those two were the last of their kind, so… you know.


  2. This must make me the King of the Nitpickers, but, it is possible “…to expect a lot from a site that pays as low as $5.00 an article.” But its is NOT rational to hold such an expectation.


  3. I often find it informative and/or amusing to seek out info on an author of something off-putting or just plain weird, which “sexy fox Robin Hood” has to be put into.

    You really can’t make this shit up: the _Jewess_ author of the piece–“Chelsea was born and raised in New Orleans, which explains her affinity for cheesy grits and Britney Spears. She currently lives in sunny Los Angeles, with her husband and two poorly behaved rescue dogs. She is a former roller derby girl and a black belt in Judo, so she is not to be trifled with. She loves the word “Jewess” and wishes more people used it to describe her.”

    If you go to the below website, it has a photo, and you can tell she’s a black belt in Judo. And that she drinks diet soda to keep her body rocking and tight.



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