Blogging Will Be Light Tomorrow

Which is to say I probably won’t post.

I’ll be spending the day trying to post The Great Divide Game: Dark Winter on Smash Words.

I’m not keen on getting my KDP account nuked over a two year old book.

Not to suck my own dick here but I am kind of amazed at how well I was able to predict the character of real world governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer in my fictional dictator of Michigan, Gina Kent.

It’s surprising how close I got to her in terms of personality.

The only reason that Whitmer isn’t confiscating firearms and having the Michigan National Guard shooting up Claire like Kent did, is that Trump is in the White House.

There is a protest against Whitmer’s idiocy today. People are driving to Lansing to drive around the government buildings and block traffic. Whitmer is using National Guard vehicles to block roads. Has shut off highway exits and a big chunk of the roads that were going to be used to get to the protest route are now closed for repairs.

Governor Whitmer, has apparently never heard of Google maps.

In my book, The Great Divide Game, a political crisis begins during a pandemic. The President is an activist Democrat and is struck down by Sudden Onset Dementia. The problem is that vice-president is already dead (there has been no replacement nominated) and the Speaker of the House is a firebrand Nationalist.

The Secretary of State with the support of the stricken president’s administration decides he won’t turn over power to the Speaker and launches a coup.

The Speaker of the House sets up his own government outside of Washington.

This is the basis of the civil war that begins in The Great Divide Game: Dark Winter.

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