What is the Essence of a Katrina?

Right now the Democrats are strongly considering the problem of Wandering Joe Biden. While they were panic-stricken over the idea of Bernie as their candidate due to the popular perception, that Trump would have no trouble running against Communism. They are now left with the problem of Wandering Joe as their candidate. A man who is clearly in the early stages of Dementia and that Trump will be “beating him like a piñata,” after the convention.

The hero of the hour for the Democrats appears to be Andrew Cuomo. A man who has risen to his occasion by the simple trick of governing New York City from Albany during a time of crisis.

Which doesn’t solve their real problem. Which is that Trump has risen higher. He actually has 60% approval which is pretty much as high as he can go given the current climate. This doesn’t necessarily translate into votes and people have very short memories. However, this an appalling state of affairs for the mainstream media.

They had planned to use the Wuhan Flu to Katrina, Trump.

It hasn’t worked and they are flummoxed as to why. Why, didn’t it work this time?

The reason was simple Bush was a sunshine warrior who was drastically needy. He launched a war for no better reason than he wanted to do something his father couldn’t and bring down Sadam. He kept Donald Rumsfeld around w-a-a-a-y past his sell-by date and by the time Katina hit Florida he was dreading any kind of engagement with the press.

Now from a nuts and bolts perspective the federal response to Katrina was just fine. Most of the problems were the result of New Orleans and Louisiana both being perennially corrupt and ungovernable.

The failure which ended Bush as a political force and handed an epic victory to the Democrats in 2008 was a simple one.

Bush presented the country with the image of a leadership vacuum during a time of crisis. No one wants a weak man in charge during an emergency.

The Democrats and the press (BIRM) was determined to “Katrina” Trump. Cuomo was opening saying this was America’s Katrina.

But it didn’t work

Trump is not at all frightened of a shouting match with reporters and has been the very image of a rock that could be clung to in a storm. So much so that in desperation, the networks have stopped covering his press conferences.

The problem that the press missed is that the essence of a Katrina is a leadership vacuum.

And Trump didn’t provide them with one.

2 thoughts on “What is the Essence of a Katrina?

  1. One thing about Trump is that if he makes a mistake, he typically will fix it. He may not admit a mistake was made, but it does get corrected. People accept that sort of leadership because making mistakes and correcting them to get the job done is the real world.

    I know the die hard conservatives hate it, but his immediately talking about getting money to people almost immediately was politically brilliant. It set the tone and pretty much every governor immediately went with plans to adjust unemployment insurance. Meanwhile, the Democrats have floundered about trying to give goodies to their organizations. And, complaining about the deficit at this point is spitting into the wind. It’s going to crash at some point no matter what.

    Dubya never showed much in the way of leadership. The man couldn’t even get a coherent policy put together for handling non-uniformed combatants. Meanwhile, he simply decided never to address the WMD claims. Then with Katrina, he looked totally ineffectual. Trump would have put someone in charge to get relief going. Meanwhile he would have been inviscerating NOLA’s leadership for being inept.

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