The Great Divide Game: Dark Winter

I’m playing around with an app called Vellum. I get one free test publication before I have to buy the license.

Since I am only interested in kicking the tires on this publishing app, rather than diving in head first. I am therefore strongly considering temporarily republishing The Great Divide Game: Dark Winter.

Since this would be just an experiment and not a relaunch I would be taking it back down in thirty days.

For those of you who don’t know. The Great Divide Game is a medical thriller that takes place in the early days of a global pandemic that brings about a civil war in the United States.

A detachment of Marine Corps Recruiters Commanded by Major John Castle is trapped in Michigan just as the balloon goes up. No weapons, no reinforcements and no where to run.

I’ll be putting it up for $.99 cents for the E-book. Softback would be done by Amazon’s print on demand service, which has a fixed price of $15 a copy. Sorry I have zero control over that

This is assuming I do put it back up. The manuscript may be too much of a formatting mess for Vellum to straighten out. And I guarantee that it will come riddled with punctuation errors.

Let me know in comments if you’re interested.

13 thoughts on “The Great Divide Game: Dark Winter

    1. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.
      I’ll run it through grammerly before reposting, but this is really just to see how well the formatting function of Vellum works in the real world.

      If all goes well I’ll do proper relaunch next year with new books in the series.


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