Blogs and Ends: The Baby Daddy Edition


Where are the Democrats standing?

Good question and it’s up there with the Riddle of the Sphinx.

The rules Bernie insisted on this time because he feels Hillary screwed him last time, look like they might indeed end up causing the first brokered convention in living memory.

Trump can’t figure out who to make fun of, so for the moment he is concentrating on Mini-Mike the box dancing drawf. Although, my favorite line about Bloomberg came from The Nation: Bloomberg is the Rich Man’s Trump.

Nanny Bloomberg doesn’t have a chance unless it comes down to a brokered convention and I think that’s what he’s counting on at this point. Hillary better watch out or he is going to steal the march on her come convention time. Her usual tactics won’t work, his personal security is first rate.

The moderate lane is coming down to Little Pete and Klob. Between the two she is the more likely winner. The mayor with the too comically smutty name for a gay man has peaked too early.

Biden’s a jerk with literal brain damage. Nobody ever really liked him except the Boomers. He also peaked too early. The only thing he had going for him was that he looked like the natural successor to Obama. Look for Creepy Joe to hang on for a bit hoping for a Super Tuesday Miracle. When that fails to appear he will pledge his delegates to whoever looks to the leading moderate.

While I’m hoping for Bernie to win the nod and will be voting for him in the Michigan primary. I just don’t think we are going to get that kind of a gift from the gods. The Democrats will break every rule in the book to keep him off the ticket. If he’s on it, they know they will fail to flip the Senate, lose the House, and worst of all, they will have no say in Ginsberg’s replacement.

And finally, The #NeverTrumpers are trying to give the Democrats advice on who to pick as their candidate and credit where it is due they have told Ahoy Twitter to go fuck themselves. Something we should have done back in 2000.


A blast from the past. The guesses that Mauler and company made about The Rise of the Skywalker.

Take a look at it, they were tragically accurate. I suppose it wasn’t difficult to make these guesses based on J.J. Abrams past record.

It’s sad just how right they got it with so little to go on.


The leaks for the latest SJW train wreck, Picard.

I used to take leaks with a big grain of salt but in the last year, they’ve been surprisingly accurate.

Have Sunday morning wakeup shot ready when you read this one.

The girl Dahj isn’t Data’s daughter. She IS Data. Both she and her twin sister are both the living embodiment of Data.

Bruce Maddox the creator of the Dahj Sisters is the main villain and a stand-in for Trump. He was the one responsible for the attack on the Mars shipyards, which kept Starfleet from rescuing the Romulans.

Seven of Nine is in this and apparently is mad because Starfleet didn’t care about Borg Drone Refugees. So she has joined some guerilla movement.

There is also something to do with Nero’s ship. ‘Member Nero? He’s from the crap movie J.J. Abrams made. Star Trek isn’t getting away from anything from the now cannon J.J.-verse!

I suppose I’m just beating a dead horse on general principle. Star Trek is dead to me and I don’t see how it can ever be revived.

Although I am curious about what the Klingons are going to look like this time. They have the new plastic face ones from Discovery. But remember kids any errant thought that crosses Abrams head is suddenly sacred and inviolate canon. So Michael Dorn may well have to put with being a body piercing Klingon from Into Darkness.

According to Doomcock, (and I can’t believe I wrote those words), Star Trek has killed CBS All Access. This isn’t a shock to me. Viacom owns CBS Paramount plus MTV’s various networks. It was ludicrous to think they could run three different streaming services and get any customers. I was fully expecting them all to merge and it looks like they are now.


Drinker gets around to reviewing Harley Quinn, so I don’t have to.

Supposedly, Margot Robbie didn’t want to wear the clown-porn costume this time because feminism. Honestly, I don’t blame for not wanting to wear uncomfortable and embarrassing bootie-shorts. That outfit wasn’t going to affect boxoffice one way or another. Bad enough to star in a bomb, why humiliate yourself along the way.

Okay, I’m done here.

4 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends: The Baby Daddy Edition

  1. It’s been fun to watch the RLM subreddit react to Picard. They know it’s terrible, but any “political” talk gets downvoted or deleted, so any discussion of WHY it’s terrible goes nowhere. It’s not like the Star Wars prequels, which could be broken down on technical merits and Lucas’s weirdness. This is all about the biases of the creators, and the biases they think the audience has that need eliminated.

    Why is the Federation suddenly racist? Because Federation=America=racist. Why do people, especially women, keep berating Picard? Because he’s a white male. The fact that he’s the main character with his name on the show doesn’t change that, so certain things are inevitable. And Stewart, being a leftist himself, is totally on board with it. If he thinks like the DS9 creators, he probably thinks he’s making up for not pushing politics harder on TNG.


    1. People like to point out that Star Trek has always dealt with political and societal issues. My corollary to that is the more on the nose the episode is to today’s big issue, the worse the episode. Because of that, I have a love/hate relationship with DS9. Sometimes it could be good. Other times it was trying so hard to be relevant that it was painful. Or you can look at season three of TOS. The worst TNG episode I can think of was where the alien woman fell for Riker and was deemed mentally ill for desiring a heterosexual relationship.

      Picard sounds bad on multiple levels.


      1. Yes, we’re hearing that “Trek always did politics” excuse a lot lately. But Star Trek was a show about adventure and discovery and problem solving that sometimes did “message” episodes. And as you say, those tend not to be remembered fondly. That’s very different from a show that started out with specific, current-day messages in mind, and then tried to create a story around them.


      2. While it is true that Star Trek was always political, it was done in the Gullivar’s Travels vein. The planet the Enterprise went to was the subject of the day. However, the Federation and Starfleet were constants. They were always the good guys.

        And that was where Picard blew it out of it’s ass with the long term fans.

        Well that and allowing Bad Robot to Retcon the entire canon of the show.


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