Top 5 Rorschach Heroes

I recently did something I rarely do. I watched a movie I’d recently seen a second time. I’m not a professional critic (thank god), and my time is rather limited. But I had to make an exception for Joker. There was yet another round of screams and hair pulling from the Woketards when Joker got […]

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Rest In Peace

Christopher Tolkien has set sail for the lands of the kindly West. Christopher Tolkien had long been part of the critical audience for his father’s fiction, first as a child listening to tales of Bilbo Baggins (which were published as The Hobbit), and then as a teenager and young adult offering much feedback on The Lord of the Rings during […]

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Master Dandelion

…was the name of the bard in the games. In case you were wondering about the name change to Jaskier, it’s Polish for Dandelion. Mystery solved. And Jaskier has come up with the most ferociously tunneling ear-worm of 2020. Toss a Coin to Your Witcher. The actor who played Jaskier swears it’s the most annoying […]

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More Moffat Bashing

Class, is the series that Steven Moffat made before Dracula. This project started life because of Moffat’s boredom and disengagement with Doctor Who. It was a spinoff developed during Doctor Who’s tragic downward spiral when Clara Oswald became the defacto star of the show.* The story takes place at the high school that Clara works […]

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Cataline Recommends: The Witcher

I was attracted to The Witcher books after I played the first game. I found myself a bit curious about Eastern European mythology. I am more than familiar with English, Norse, Celtic and French myths, (King Arthur is a completely French myth by the way. Once you know what to look for it’s pretty obvious). […]

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