Master Dandelion

…was the name of the bard in the games. In case you were wondering about the name change to Jaskier, it’s Polish for Dandelion. Mystery solved.

And Jaskier has come up with the most ferociously tunneling ear-worm of 2020. Toss a Coin to Your Witcher.

The actor who played Jaskier swears it’s the most annoying song he’s ever heard in his life. “I’ve had that song in my head for eight months!”

He’s right it’s incredibly annoying and is the only reason I can think of to avoid the series.

Jaskier is a standard exposition and voice of the audience character, which is fine and all but he comes across as too contemporary. It’s like a hobbit that says, “LOL.” It just wouldn’t fit in the Lord of the Rings and Jaskier’s modern-day mannerisms just take you out of a fantasy story. The showrunners took a lot of risks with The Witcher. They were high rolling with the non-linear storyline and the risk-taking was genuinely refreshing. I’m glad it paid off for them because somebody else might try it now.

But fuck me, Jaskier is annoying.

Anyway here’s the best version of Toss A Coin that I’ve run into, a Russian folk choir that genuinely makes it sound like something from Rivia.

2 thoughts on “Master Dandelion

  1. Geralt: “Toss a rock at your bard…or maybe a claymore.”

    I think the worst part was the “elf on the shelf” Easter egg nonsense. I laughed, but I wasn’t immersed in the story anymore. I thought Jaskier was a bit like the Chaucer character in “Knights Tale” with Heath Ledger, but Knights Tale didn’t bother trying to establish a consistent or “authentic” setting. So Chaucer’s character fits the setting.

    Jaskier is more like a guy hired to handhold the folks with low attention spans through the historical reenactment so they don’t get lost…but he keeps screwing up the reenactment by making jokes about modern attitudes towards the historical periods in question, or trying to get the Redcoats to sing “Old Town Road” with him.

    I take it he wasn’t like this in the books?


  2. Jaskier is equally annoying in the books. Although one of the advantages of reading books is that you can construct your own mental picture, so he doesn’t necessarily have that pallid fratboy face.

    Overall I’d rate the series “meets expectations”. It does a decent job of retelling the established storyline. The enforced muh-diversity was to be expected, likewise all fight or battle scenes being mostly hollywood twirls devoid of tactics.
    Thing is, I watched it a week ago and cannot recall any scene that made me go “yes fsckers” and bang a fist on the table (and due to the convoluted story structure it would be hard to find and rewatch that scene anyways).


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