Blogs Ends: It’s Great to Have Electricity Edition

1. Ice storms suck.

2. Winter without electricity really sucks.

Anyway enjoy this video dump.

First up. Will this be the new Gravity Falls?

Doesn’t seem to be as bad as Steven Universe
Ain’t it great that that’s the bar to get over now?


Critical Drinker has a concise and spot on review of the Witcher. With a lot more fart jokes than usual.


Okay, I read Crisis on Infinite Earths when that series first hit the racks. I can recall the basics of the story. And in it’s day it was a real shocker. It was the first mega event and they actually killed off quite a few major characters. Barry Allen, Supergirl, Steve Trevor, Doctor Fate. None of them stayed dead but when they were brought back it wasn’t really the same anymore. Decades of continuity had been disrupted. I kind of walked away from superhero comics after that. I still read a few titles now and then. And I definitely read the edgier indies but something had changed for me after Crisis. I just wasn’t into superheroes after that.

And now Crisis on Infinite Earths is back in the most hilarious way possible. CW got it all wrong because, lets face it they don’t have the option of getting it right.

Okay, I’m done here.

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