Will Vexit Be A Thing?

Jerry Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University, has voiced his support for efforts to allow counties in Virginia unhappy with the state’s Democrat-controlled Legislature to join West Virginia.

Standing alongside West Virginia’s Gov. Jim Justice in a roomful of whirring robotic factory machinery at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College in Martinsburg, Falwell told reporters that he backs so-called Vexit efforts.

“Many counties (in Virginia) are taking a long hard look at escaping the barbaric, totalitarian and corrupt Democratic regime that is trampling on individual rights throughout the state,” Falwell said.

When West Virginia seceded from Virginia because it had seceded from the United States of America. A standing invite was created for the border counties between the two states and recognized by the government of the USA because the South lost.

Earlier this year, the West Virginia Senate adopted a resolution by voice vote to remind residents of Frederick County, Virginia, that the county has a standing invite from 1862 — to become part of West Virginia in response to the legislation being proposed in Virginia.

Now Governor Justice of West Va. has expanded to the invitation to ALL counties in Virginia.

I lived in Virginia, briefly in the 1990s, I got a bit of feel for their attitudes and I developed a fondness for their preposterous arrogance.

Their state has been invaded and taken over by the city of Washington DC. That is the truth of it. Virginia is now in the position that most other states that are “blue” are in. Most of those states would be rock Red if it weren’t for one major municipality.

I call those the Predator Cities.

Virginians love of their Old Dominion is one so old that it is like a path that has been carved into stone by centuries of feet treading upon them. Abandoning it will be difficult even if they aren’t leaving their homes.

But at this point real Virginians have only two other options, open rebellion and complete submission.

For what it’s worth guys, if New York Magazine hates it, it’s got to be a good idea.

5 thoughts on “Will Vexit Be A Thing?

  1. The Dems are trying, in one madcap month, to restructure our government to ensure permanent Democratic control:
    Longer term for the Governor
    State Senate voting by population, not county (I think they already passed this one)
    Drop the requirement to show photo ID to vote (Virginia’s one of the few that still does this)
    Criminalize threatening state officials, where “threaten” is functionally the same as “criticize”.
    and plenty more, all ready to go on Day One.
    The solution is statehood for the Predator Cities, although that will tip the Senate. Or will it, given that the new Virginia Senators will likely be Republicans?
    Tension between rural and urban values sparked the first Civil War. Mega-city statehood might head off the second, but the bastards like having the rural population under their heels, so I doubt the Blues will go for it.
    Unless they get stung, badly, somewhere like Virginia. Even then, it might not take.


    1. I’ve never heard that idea before, but I think statehood for the predator cities would make things a lot worse. You’d be adding at least 2 and more likely 8-10 senators for every original state, all of whom are guaranteed to vote like AOC on every issue. Also, according to the latest report I could find from the Census bureau (2015), 62.7% of the U.S. population lives in cities, so Woketards would also end up with a majority in the House. All of this would mess with the electoral college too, so in one fell swoop, you’d give the predator cities control over an entire branch of the government in perpetuity while making it a lot easier for them to install their preferred candidate in the executive branch (unless I’m missing something here).

      I think the answer is to increase the House membership according to the constitutional limit of 30,000 constituents per district and repeal the 17th amendment. The first would cause us to have 11,000+ House reps with the current U.S. population (!!!), but would give those currently suppressed red counties a much louder voice in both the House and the electoral college. The second would also restore the Senate to its constitutional position as the representative body for the states. Republicans currently control state governments 21-15 with 13 divided and hold a majority of state offices nationwide, which would translate to a comfortable Republican Senate majority under the old rules.


  2. @MrUnivac, 11k representatives in the House makes it much harder and more expensive to bribe the entity as a whole. Why do you think the Deep State changed it in the first place?


  3. “Predator Cities”. I like that. I mean, I hate the reality, but I like the name.

    As Nate has said in the past, the South wept when Atlanta burned the first time. Next time it’ll be the South doing the burning, and toasting the ashes. Metaphorically speaking.


  4. Obviously I don’t speak for all of my fellow Virginians, but you hit the nail on the head when you suggested the biggest issue we’d have with leaving Virginia and joining West Virginia is, well, that we’d be leaving Virginia. I have absolutely nothing against our brothers and sisters in the Western state, but I would almost rather see all our counties west of the I95 corridor break off and form our own, new state. Call it the ‘Old Dominion,’ maybe, or retain ‘Virginia’ and let the coast call itself whatever it likes. Again, no offense to West Virginians, of course. We honestly do appreciate the offer and the support.


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