Cliched Emotional Videos Are the Best!

Are you a Woody?

I love the look on Pirate’s Bootie Guy’s face. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.

I saved my favorite for last.

6 thoughts on “Cliched Emotional Videos Are the Best!

  1. I hurt something, laughing at Artisanal Wood. I have a pic of a roadside firewood stand to sell camp firewood. Some locals had fun and called it “Free Range Firewood”. Stand was always sold out, and the owner was always grinning.


  2. The tragic thing about this is after visiting friends in Portland for the holidays and then coming home to San Francisco, It took me until the craftsman was brushing the wood with a toothbrush and magnifying glass before seasoning it with fresh ginger before I realized that this might be parody and not an actual service available in Eugene.

    I know it wouldn’t be in San Francisco since we have a wood burning ban in effect. Even if it is seasoned with ginger.


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