So The Impeachment Is On

Brief post, still recovering.

Pelosi has decided she temporarily has enough votes and needs to make hay while the sun shines. Or conversely, she knows she doesn’t have the votes and just wants to get this disaster over with.

Regardless, she is moving the articles of impeachment forward.

Assuming it’s the former, this clown car pile up will move to the Senate. What comes next is nothing but question marks at the moment. Cocaine Mitch has two big disadvantages, three if you count the man himself. One, he has a 53 member majority, while it’s true that the Democrats have an impossible task in finding 20 Republicans who are willing to commit career suicide at their behest, they might not have much in the way of a problem finding four members to cross the aisle when it comes to the fairly important Procedures Vote.

The Procedures are going to be the agreed upon rules for conducting the trial in the Senate. Naturally the Democrats want everything and will try to give up nothing to gain it. The ‘everything’ in question comes down things like allowing all kinds of motions that will neuter the president’s case or at least make their own side look less idiotic. There is no way they want Schiff to have to testify, nor Biden. Nor do Warren and Sanders want to be tied up with a trial that they KNOW they are going to lose right before the primaries get really hot.

Collins is signaling that she is coming down against the clown car pileup. This leaves Lisa “I think my middle name was Process, I am so boring this way” Murkowski. And of course multiple presidential failure and dedicated ankle-biter, Mittens Romney.

The other question mark is over the more substantial problem of the presiding judge. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has repeatedly proven that he is exceptionally vulnerable to pressure from the Beltway Establishment. They are already pressuring him to allow the Democrats to call witnesses that refused to show up for the kangaroo court in the House.

Everything else about this silly shit is so unprecedented I think Trump would be within his rights to ask John Roberts to recuse himself. The two have had words in public. In normal criminal trial a motion to recuse would be granted de rigueur. I doubt if Roberts would obey the request, but if he was put on the spot like that, he might minds his Ps and Qs a bit more.

If does recuse the most senior Justice is Clearance Thomas.

Okay, I’m done here. Back to bed.

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