Blogs and Ends:Happy Life Day Season

I remember when this came out.  Mostly I remembered being annoyed because it pre-empted Wonder Woman and I had just reached an age where I was definitely going to miss seeing Lynda Carter running up and down in her Wonder Woman costume.

I was a fan of Star Wars of course but I knew  this thing was going to be lame because there was no way it couldn’t be. 

George Lucas green lit this thing because he wasn’t even a millionaire yet.  Once he was something more than a millionaire he banished it from existence long enough for it to develop a Plan 9 like cult status.  It almost does live up to that.

Another version of this that is worth seeing is the Rifftrax version.


Update on Disney Plus. The search function is useless. I typed in Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, and got “No Result”. Ah well, and two minutes later I found the movie under the Classics row.

The content is very limited. While I was expecting that, the lack of programing is still kind of shock when you see how little of it there is for what you are paying. Shudder does a better a job than this.

And most irritating is the Woke Warning in front of the older movies. Pinocchio, Dumbo and Peter Pan now have to have Woke Warnings in prefacing them. It only a matter of time before they get locked permanently in Vault with Song of the South.

2 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends:Happy Life Day Season

    1. The Runways is vile. Ii watched it to see if it was ok for my grandson. No, not no but hell no. The old stuff is still good.


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