Blogs And Ends: Spring Break

First up

E;R’s new upload comparing Alita to Captain Marvel.



By popular demand I am posting this video by Jenny Nicholson on Avatarland that makes most of the same points I did but you guys seem to want it tacked up here so here you go.



Mauler’s full length commentary on The Last Jedi.  Honestly, I’m just tacking this up here until I have 2.5 hours to kill, which won’t be anytime soon.



A little admin stuff.  WordPress comes with a default moderated comment feature and I’ve decided to leave it turned on.  Once I approve one of your comments you’re good from then on.  However, I have to get around to approving it first and I don’t check on this much more than once a day.

Downside, first time posters will be delayed a little.

Upside, this is by default a Social Justice Weirdo free zone.


Okay I’m done here.



Okay, I’m not quite done here.

Since I’ve been on a bit of a theme park kick this week, I thought I’d throw this in and then I forgot.

Turns out the Chinese are building a better Disneyland now.  These two rides look absolutely INSANE:



Okay, now I’m done here.

One thought on “Blogs And Ends: Spring Break

  1. The Defunctland Channel just did a breakdown of Hong Kong Disneyland and its near failure.

    The whole channel is an interesting watch if you’re into theme parks (especially ones that no longer exist.)


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