Is Ghostbusters Saved?

When I want to have a quick and dirty laugh, I read the headlines in The Mary Sue.

“A Rose Tico Series Is Everything We Want and Deserve From Star Wars”

And you know what? Every word of that headline is true…if you are an SJW.

But occasionally…just occasionally I run into something useful.  Or rather something that I can find useful.

“Giving Ghostbusters ‘Back to the Fans’ Makes It Seem like Women Can’t Be Ghostbusters Fans.

That headline caught my attention.  A quick dive into the internet and I discovered something (possibly) wonderful!


This trailer is better in every possible way than the entire last movie.  I will actually be happy if this all that gets made.

And no this isn’t a fan trailer, Jason Reitman (the OG director’s son) is showrunning.  Let us hope that the tide of awful can be turned somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Is Ghostbusters Saved?

  1. Well, women generally aren’t fans of Ghostbusters because the kind of humor based on analysis and the burden of performance that is central doesn’t ring with them, or scares them. Because its not in their nature.


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