Alita Battle Angel Has Won Me over Compltely

8 thoughts on “Alita Battle Angel Has Won Me over Compltely

  1. The manga was great but it was also long. I’m curious to see how it’s been adapted. But giving that girl machine hands was very cool.


  2. @Jew613

    Of course some things have to be changed to fit so much on a 2h movie, so many things could have gone wrong I’m surprised how well it has been treated.

    I’m glad to say it is surprisingly well adapted, lots of respect from the original source.

    I hope it is a slow burner and it makes a good amount of money it deserves it, however it is shocking to see how Marvel and their CM controversy are burying it.


    1. It’s burying it because Marvel is at their zenith. It all starts going downhill after Endgame. Most people are at the end for watching superhero films. It will be like Westerns, or Sword and Sandal epics. Suddenly they just don’t make money.

      I’ve heard good reviews for Alita from people I typically trust. The trailers really hurt it though. It looked like another stupid CGI fest. And in honesty, Cameron being involved didn’t help that impression. I mean look at Avatar. Great visuals; stupid story. Plus the eyes were a mistake.


  3. I was hoping to see an Alita review here… alas.

    Jew 613: I thought the original manga was just the right length… but then the artist went back and did a series providing an alternative ending, which is now 15 volumes or something absurd. (It has some great moments but I lost interest after a while.) But as Sillon said it’s a pretty respectful adaptation, surprised me as well. (Alita’s more innocent and vulnerable than you expect from Strong Female Characters, for one thing.)


  4. Godescalc, I was never a huge fan of the sequel series. The original was too complete making it superfluous.

    You are right Alita was vulnerable, which provided much of her charm.


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