How Can Captain Marvel Be a Bad Actress If She Has an Oscar?

This one is going to be kind of short.

The answer to the that question is, it’s pretty easy.

The Academy Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture tends to skew towards young woman.  Part of that is simple enough, movies with older women as the lead actress don’t get made that often.

Also the Academy is made up of old men and old men get sentimental about girls in their twenties quite easily. Once the Academy kai-bun settles on one lucky girl, they build her up.  Hence the Oscar nod to the frequently undeserving.

Acting takes time to get good at.  Talent only takes you so far, the rest is hard work and life experience.  You can’t really laugh until you’ve shed some tears. Generaly speaking beautiful grils in the twenties simply haven’t had any of the real world tragedy it takes to become a good actress.

So a big chunk of these actresses that take the Oscar are more than likely someone who got lucky.  The actress in question had a limited range but that narrow scope of ability was vital to the vision of a director who knew exactly what he was doing.    The picture got made around what the actress could deliver.

Jennifer Connelly was able to find her nitch playing Little-Wounded-Bird roles.  She’s not bad at that and the Academy does like those.

Jennifer Lawrence, is damn near wooden. But a zombie like performance with decent comedic timing, was critical to the success of Silver Linings Playbook. She then went on to destroy sixty percent of her fanbase by revealing herself to be a foul mouthed cuntasaurus of unearthly proportions.  Red Sparrow flopped because by then nobody was willing to pay good money to see her tits when you can count every wrinkle of her asshole for free on the internet

Halle Berry apparently won, for being able to pretend she liked fucking Billy-Bob Thornton because nobody can remember anything else about that movie.  Also the Academy was desperate to give her an Oscar for anything and well… Monster’s Ball would just have to do.

Brie Larson won for the Room.  She was portraying a victim of a crime so horrific that she can’t feel much of anything anymore.  So she’s good at emoting nothing.

And it’s clear that we will be seeing plenty of that in Captain Marvel.

3 thoughts on “How Can Captain Marvel Be a Bad Actress If She Has an Oscar?

  1. Welcome to your new digs man.

    Brie Larson wasn’t terrible in this Beck video – she seems to be able to use her face to express emotions although acting is a level up from that requiring her to express the emotions that her character would be feeling in time with when the character would be feeling them.

    Well never mind – that’s Allison Brie apparently. Meh, whatevs.


  2. Good to see you up and running.

    The preview for Captain Marvel does not make the movie look at all appealing. WTF were they thinking?


  3. “nobody was willing to pay good money to see her tits when they count every wrinkle of her asshole for free on the internet”. Lines like this why I pay good money to read Cataline.

    Great to have you back, keep it up. Cheers!


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