Awkward conversation. I was recently at my favorite gun shop. Clerk Who Didn’t Know Me: So what are you in the market for? Me: An AR, Mil Spec. CWDKM (nods and pulls a rifle off the rack behind him): Here you are sir. An accurate reproduction of the M-16A2 Service Rifle. And indeed it was. […]

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Why Did the Druids Worship Trees?

I’ve recently started watching the second season of Britannia.  My recommendation on it is here.  So while I was watching the stoned out of the gourds Druids, I got to thinking. Worshipping trees.  Is that fucked or what? I mean seriously, how much sense does it make?  Worshipping cats makes sense.  No, really it does. When your grain stores […]

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Interesting Things

A medical numbering system that was contemporary to Roman and Arabic numerals but it never caught on. Although, it was frequently used for encryption prior to 1800. NEXT There has been a study that found that the MMR vaccine cross immunizes for Covid-19. Which if true would neatly explain why kids have been largely untouched […]

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A Tale of Two Space Comedies

If you enjoy science fiction you frequently have to endure Lefty sermons on various subjects. Reader: And rain is still wet, Cataline. What’s your point? It’s a premise, not a point. If you look for it, you can find plenty of right-wing science fiction in print but in the English-speaking world, media science fiction is […]

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