I’ve been dreading the BBC’s The Watch for a while. It had the words “A bold reimagining by the BBC” in front of it, so I knew it would be bad but…

Oh, my fucking fuckity fuck!!! This is much more horrible than I could have ever imagined it to be. This isn’t a just a try at an adaption that misses the mark. There was nothing well meaning about this at all. This is the deliberate and hideous destruction of a man’s life’s work.

I would sit through the Last Jedi for a week straight without bathroom breaks rather than watch this trailer again.

Even Disney couldn’t have screwed this one up any worse. No, I’m serious!

Only watch this if you need to vomit out poison.

A really, really toxic poison that there is no chance of you surviving, one that will paralyze you, before rotting you out from inside over the course of ten days. Leaving you a pile of twitching fetid flesh upon the cold dead earth.

And I can’t guarantee the tradeoff of further life after having seen this trailer will be worth it.

No, that isn’t Nobby. It’s Sam!

24 thoughts on “I NEED EYE BLEEEEEECH!!

  1. That…it was…what I…
    What I just saw was apparently a fevered disease-caused bad dream, in which everything has been turned around to subvert the original story.
    There is no hole deep enough to bury this travesty, and whoever is responsible needs to be shown the door (leading to a pit of hungry lions).
    Was Pratchett’s daughter responsible for rubber-stamping this garbage?


  2. Addendum:
    I just took a look at IMDB, because I was confused about just who some of the characters were meant to be.
    The gender-swapping is even more extensive than one might think, which means that the whole point is the swapping, rather than actually, y’know, trying to portray well-established and beloved characters.
    This is the SJWatch….


  3. Why do you continue watching msm products?

    Haven’t you had enough?

    I just ignore all modern media productions, I assume everything is pozzed.

    And sadly it will be still for a long time to come.

    They love to control the culture,hurt them where it counts, don’t give them a penny and ignore them completely except when mocking them.

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      1. It is not a question of engaging with the enemy or not, it is about not wasting one’s time.

        What’s the point of expecting the current BBC to produce anything remotely whatchable?

        I had enough with Sherlock season 2, why watch S3? why keep watching the shitshow that is Dr Who?

        I had enough with Last Jedi, why waste time with Rise of SJW?


    1. I LIKE these takes on the degradation of culture: it’s the only entertainment I get out of the mainstream anymore. And if you ignore them then you can’t effectively and entertainingly mock them.


    2. And sometimes you hit gold, like some of David Stewart’s analysis of The Last Jedi. Brilliant stuff, how he shows its like a window into the fever dreams of an SJW.


  4. At the first image, I thought “Damn…they got Knobby Nobs as good as you can get him in live action.”

    Then I saw it was Vimes.

    Haed pass…so hard that it’s downright purple and vein-y with hate.


    1. His wife Sybil is now a thin POC… I guess fat shaming is okay if it’s a white female who is erased.
      Vetinari is a female.
      Dr. Cruces of the Assassin’s Guild is a female.
      CMOT Dibbler is a female.
      And on and on….
      What we have here is the classic example of the Ultra Left killing a cultural property and then proudly wearing it as a skin suit.

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  5. Huge Discworld fan. Other than Vimes and… the Matrician? I couldn’t recognize anything. why is it so hard just to do a straight adaptation of things.


  6. It looks like someone who read the Discworld books, and utterly despised them, decided to make an adaptation to defecate upon the source material.

    Also Angua is sexy, that lesbian feminist pretending to be Angua isnt even cute.


    1. The sexually attractive human female is a horror beyond imagining to SJWs.

      Honestly, this movie looks like something I’d make if I was satirizing Woke film making.

      The weird thing is you’d think they would be fine with Sybil Vimes.

      Middleaged, not that attractive, body-positive, booming voice. A bit of a Karen, honestly.

      And now she is a bald, kick-ass, black woman.

      BoJo promised he would cut the Licence Tax. He promised!


  7. I’ve never read the books and have not idea what they were about. So, offering a view of the trailer from this side of the river, it looks completely pedestrian. It is checking off all of the woke check boxes. Sure there is a white lead but he is ugly, filthy, and probably incompetent. There’s a black chick who is talented and at least moderately decent looking. Butch lesbian, check. Tranny, check. Everything looks ugly, check.

    I am so tired of ugly. That’s all these people know.


  8. Chris Lutz October 13, 2020 at 3:45 pm
    Sure there is a white lead but he is ugly, filthy, and probably incompetent.

    i believe he’s trying to do a Thrift Shop version of Jack Sparrow, down to the black eyeliner.

    which has nothing to do with Pratchett’s Vimes. in the books, there may be amusing things that happen around or even too Vimes but the character himself is extremely competent, buttoned down and in control

    as much in control as you can be when Vetenari is web weaving.


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