Question For My Readers:

18 thoughts on “Question For My Readers:

  1. NO…….BUT I enjoy your fiskings so much I find I am conflicted. The descriptions of the epic uselessness of Mulan would be legendary and a fun read. I suppose you could always troll us wth.

    CATALINE RECOMENDS……..NO,HELL NO TO MULAN as the entire post.

    Sorry I need caffeine.


    1. It’s because they are so fierce, powerful, and beautiful that nothing can touch them. How would a Mary Sue be anything but bored. One review of Mulan said she was basically a super hero in the movie.


  2. I’ll vote “no” also. I was in high school when the original dropped so I have no nostalgia for it and frankly could care less about it. I also fully expect it to be both 1) woke AF, and 2) massively pandering to the Chinese. Let MauLer and the Critical Drinker have this one. I’d rather have the treatise on The Silmarillion. 🙂


  3. Mulan: Nope.
    Phineas and Ferb 2020: Yes, please. The series had a perfect ending. I shouldn’t hold out hope that they honored it, but I do.


  4. No, I already know new stuff is pozzed, and I have no interest in knowing how pozzed. You have a neat insight to media and I’d like to see more recommendations of old stuff I might have missed when they were new.


  5. The entire point of online critics is to make them suffer through obviously shit movies and laugh as they rant about their easter 2 hours of life. But sadly the majority of your follow-ship seems to want to treat you like a precious baby.
    If you do decide to go through with it, make sure to pirate it though.


  6. i will request that you review it.

    not because there’s any possibility that i’ll waste time watching it, but simply because you insisted on hanging a lampshade on this and now i have to turn it on.


  7. No. Don’t waste your time–it’s another Mary Sue story, they’re all the same. Would rather read your take on anything else. Also, do you have a Patreon set up? You’ve given us loads of entertaining reads and I should at lease send some FRNs in your direction. Collectively, your readers could help offset the losses you’re likely suffering in the DIS section of your portfolio.


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