blogs and ends: the dication edition

Vito’s review of Last of Us 2, he seems to have an opinion that would be pretty close to my mine if I had any intention of playing this or actually getting a Sony Play Station which I will never do.

In short, it’s another Bioshock Infinite. Critical Race Cult interactive movie with no replay value because it’s way too damn depressing to play more than once.


If you have ever dreamed of being a Twitch Thot or a Twitch Thot Simp, then this game is for you but this blog is not. Don’t come back here if this game is for you.

Cataline abides.


In case you were curious, I didn’t have a lot of thoughts on the Terminator sequels because I’ve only ever been able to watch one of them through to the end and I was stuck in a theater for Terminator III: Rise of the Machines.

First, the future is predestined, then it was what you make then it was back to predestined and stayed there for another movie. then the future was god knows fucking what, and finally, it was back to being what you make of it but all of Sarah’s sacrifices were for nothing because she lost her son. And also the future was predestined it just had a less cool name.

The story for all of them (except the one with Batman) was that an unstoppable machine is coming after the protagonist but it will prove to be highly stoppable at the climax. It was Nightmare on Elm Street. The same damn story every time. Of course, it ran out of steam.

Okay, I’m done here.

6 thoughts on “blogs and ends: the dication edition

  1. I don’t know if you saw it or interests you, but Apple is doing Asimov’s Foundation books as a series.


  2. The thing about gamer girl is that the people it was made for hate it, and demanded it be canceled. Which the developer did almost immediately. It was a case of a little too much intentional truth.


  3. I had the the Nightmare on Elm Street feeling when T3 was announced. 1 and 2 were OK and good, but yeah, the endings were too much the same. Check please.


  4. When the Gamer Girl trailer started I assumed it would be 15 seconds to establish the character, then she’s murdered. Suspicion is cast on her chat Moderator and he has to clear his name and find the real killer, leading into a far deeper conspiracy. That is not the game they made. It seems to be about girl grifters and her simps.


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