Kicking the Tires on Dictation Software

So far all of the free ones are given to some odd interpretations of hairy goose tied vomit as well as sex ready fetch omission.

I. Am. Now. Typing. One-handed.

I’ll try to put up something more coherent tomorrow.

Ok, I’m bun beer.

4 thoughts on “Kicking the Tires on Dictation Software

    1. Worse, I fear. Mr. Weber’s books would improve by using one of his grasers to carve about a third out, and I enjoy most of his writing. Too easy to run-on in speech, instead of stopping because hands and wrists are done.


  1. Praying for fast healing! Wrist injuries suck.

    Unrelated note: In Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated, supposedly Velma was intended to be gay. Really.
    This tweet is hilarious on multiple levels.

    Firstly due to the schadenfreude from the showrunner’s clear awareness that -despite his very best efforts- absolutely *no one* saw Velma as gay, secondly his impotent laboring to remedy that problematic oversight, and finally the tweet writer desperately trying to pretend that anyone actually gives a flying fack about what the showrunner says w/ respect to Velma’s orientation. These people are so freaking sad, if they weren’t pure evil I’d feel bad for them.


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