More Star Wars Dead Horse Beating

Our Old friend E;R is finally finished his take down of the Rise of Skywalker.

A lot of people ask, given how bad they both were, which one is better? But he had a different observation: These two films deserve each other.


And finally Part !I

Okay, I’m done here.

4 thoughts on “More Star Wars Dead Horse Beating

  1. E;R’s takes make even a tired subject entertaining!

    True story: I haven’t even watched Last Jedi, Rogue One, Solo or RoS yet and have no intention of watching any but the last (when I can obtain a copy through the library without paying for it), but the critiques of them are pure entertainment.


    1. You have to watch TLJ to appreciate RoS. It’s fun to watch the mean girls go at it with multi-million dollar movies.


      1. I’ve read the summary and watched clips of TLJ, but I really don’t think I could sit through the whole thing: it’s the only SW movie that truly infuriated me. TFA left a bad taste in my mouth with how it ruined Han Solo and Leia and undid all the heroes accomplished, so JJ could make his nostalgia-fueled cash-grab with hints of SJW, but that was only a vague disgust.

        TLJ gleefully stomped all over the franchise, spit in the face of the fans, and Johnson did his best to turn SW into a propaganda outlet. And in a way, I sort of respect that: Johnson knew what he wanted, did it, and his film did indeed get a strong reaction.

        With TOS…I can’t even think of it as a ‘story.’ The only reason I’m going to watch it is – like you said – to see JJ’s ‘screw you!’ message to Johnson.

        That said, I really love the passion and outrage generated by TLJ, and there are some downright interesting analysis of it. David Stewart’s comparison of TLJ with The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant is fascinating stuff, and I love Jonathan Pageau’s analysis of it ‘Dismantling all order.’ The movie itself is a window into the SJW mind.

        I almost wish ROS had gone ‘all the way’ and committed to the course set by TLJ. Instead of walking back the worst of the propaganda and turning SW back into a nostalgic cash-grab, just go all-out with the SJWism and feminism. Degrade, humiliate and destroy all the original (and male) characters and all they stood for. More ridiculous powers for Rey with no explanations. More purple-haired admirals. More doom and destruction, then end with a shot of Maz or some other character laughing right into the screen – right at the audience. At least then the franchise would truly die.


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