Review of John Bolton’s Book

No, I didn’t read it. This is Ben Domenech’s review and it’s worth a read.

“First, let me say that I love this book. I love everything about it. It is true unadulterated fan-fic for Bolton lovers everywhere. He is always right. He is always noble. His purposes are always true. Anyone who disagrees with him is an idiot, or possibly worse. Edward from Twilight has more flaws than this iteration of John Bolton, the mustachioed hero who can do no wrong… except to be, at a critical moment, surrounded entirely by idiots.”

A veteran bureaucratic infighter, Bolton dishes dirt about everyone he doesn’t like, and it’s a very long list. [After noting his dismissal of Nikki Haley, Michael Flynn, and Jared Kushner] But it’s Jim Mattis who’s Bolton’s favorite punching bag. Every dozen pages there’s another shot at the former secretary of defense . He’s “looking for excuses not to do much of anything” in retaliating against Syrian chemical weapons use; he would “predict gloom and doom when he didn’t get his way” on policy; he used “spite” as a common tactic, prompting Bolton to observe “they didn’t call him ‘Chaos’ for nothing.

Bolton is the hero of nearly every anecdote in the book. Indeed, for a memoir that is startlingly candid about many things, Bolton’s utter lack of self-criticism is one of the book’s significant shortcomings. Nearly every policy discussion is an opportunity for Bolton to say that he was right, people should have listened to him, he knew it would never work, he was vindicated. His only problem is that, having burned so many bridges with this book, Fox News may not give him a future platform to explain how right he is.”

When my library has it, I may not be able to resist.

2 thoughts on “Review of John Bolton’s Book

  1. He had better have made all the money he will need because no one will trust him again. The left hate him because he didn’t testify and he’s a neocon. The right hate him because he is a untrustworthy backstabbing snake and he’s a neocon. At this point he has no value to anyone. I hope he does time but won’t hold my breath.


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