Star Trek For Sale?

Stop smirking Spock!

Well, that’s the rumor according to Doomcock. CBS-Viacom is allegedly “freaking out” about the failure of CBS All-Access versus the very successful launch of HBOmax. I was tempted to not put the disclaimer “allegedly” in that last sentence because there is no way in hell that the execs can’t be mad about the situation.  CBS-All Access has plateaued at 4 million subscriptions and HBOmax has vaulted past that. HM is racking up subs so fast I decided not to post a number on it because it would be meaningless within hours.

Everybody at CBS-Viacom who is looking for a thumbnail reason for the failure doesn’t have to look too hard. Kurtzman’s Star Trek pissed off the very audience that it was supposed to suck in.  Whereas, AT&T delivered big on what a sizable group of fans had wanted with the announcement of the Snyder Cut of Justice League.  

Compare that with Secret Hideout and it’s relentless SJW crusade against Star Trek’s fanbase.

Let me relate a parable that I think sums this up:

Everybody in town knows that Bianchi’s Italian Streak House has the absolute best steaks in town. 

Gino Bianchi is well known to be incredibly picky about the primal cuts he buys. Only prime and only the best.  His steaks are so famous for that, that the suppliers happily cut him a special discount just to say they are the ones that supply Bianchi’s steaks.

You’ve just closed the big deal. So, to reward yourself you head downtown intending to celebrate by having “the best steak in town.” And to your horror, you see that Bianchi’s Italian Steak House is closed for remodeling with an ominous sign on the front that reads, “under new management.”

“What happened?” You moan.

A passerby stops and says, “oh, you didn’t know? Old Gino had a heart attack. He’s retired and moving to Florida. Since his daughter doesn’t want to run it, he’s turned the whole thing over to his, just graduated from culinary school, grandson.”

“Well, so long as it’s staying in the family it should be all right,” you say.

“Yeah, you’d think that,” the passerby says ominously before passing you by.

A short time later you see that Bianchi’s Bistro (?) is now open. So, you go inside to have “the best steak in town.” The interior decor is now kind of worrying but the new kid is probably trying to get a few new faces in. That’s fine. You order your steak from the heavily tattooed waitress with piercings all over her face.  She kind of lifts her lip at you and walks off. Eventually, she brings you a steaming hot… vegan risotto with fire blistered carrots!?!?

You tell the waitress that there has been a mistake and that this isn’t what you ordered.

She snaps at you, “well that’s what you’re getting!”

You demand to see the manager and Lille Bianchi, man-bun disheveled, storms out of the kitchen demanding to know what the problem is.

You tell him that you ordered a steak just like Bianchi’s is famous for.

Lille Bianchi says that this what he is going to make for you from now on because he knows what’s best for you and for everyone else.

Floored by his arrogance, you tell him that you are leaving, and you are not paying for that pig feed.

Bianchi The Younger sneers and says that’s fine because he doesn’t want you eating his food because you are a racist, sexist-homophobe with White Privilege. And he absolutely doesn’t need customers like you anymore.  From now on Bianchi’s Bistro will be serving an entirely new and better clientele. 

You stomp out and never come back. Although once in a while you drive past it.  There are a few hipsters taking pictures of their “food,” their before trying to choke down a bite of it, but only a fifth of the tables are filled.

Eventually Bianchi’s closes again, only this time no one seems to mind.

This is exactly what has been going on with Star Trek and with popculture in general for the last five years.

It says just about everything you need to know about Alex Kurtzman’s vision for Star Trek that “Strange New Worlds” original title was “Star Trek: Enterprise,” (I shit you not, that’s for real). Alex Kurtzman’s entire production company was ignorant of the existence of an entire Star Trek series.

Just to be clear it’s not Paramount that would be selling off Star Trek but CBS-Viacom’s rights to the various series. The rumor is that the sale has gone from “likely” to “probable.” 

The question I have is if they sell the rights does Kurtzman and company go with the sale because if they do who on Earth would want to buy Star Trek under those circumstances?

Okay, I’m done here.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek For Sale?

  1. I always thought that the highest calling of a corporation was to deliver a quality product that makes money in a way that’s ethical and doesn’t actively harm to the customer base or their ability to purchase said products. The behavior of these woke companies is completely irrational because you can’t pay your bills with virtue signaling.

    If these SJWs had any brains, they’d understand that they need to throw some boob bait to the bubbas every once in a while because you can’t push woke propaganda if you’re no longer a going concern.


  2. I would assume that any sale would be contingent on not taking Bad Robot/Secret Hideout with the property. Also, wouldn’t it lead back to the current problem of divided IP ownership? Not that they would do better, but it seems that Apple would like having the property. It fits in with their company, bright, shiny, and futuristic.


    1. Old Star Trek would. Kurtzman’s Trek would not.

      And no, it wouldn’t lead to divided IP ownership. Paramount owns Star Trek, what is for sale is a broadcast license with a built-in self-destruct timer. Past the seven year mark Paramount can renew or refuse to renew.

      TV rights are written differently than movie rights.


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