Behold The Face Diversity

This was at the Sundance Bar and Grill
Note the fucking safety glasses!

Thank god she was wearing a mask!

Grand Rapids, got hit last night but interestingly Flint did not.


No rich White kids in Flint.

Also, the shop owners will shoot.

Think the girl is a one off?

Another picture of the “diverse protesters” in downtown GR.

Note U of M sweater.

Seriously, a modern Hollywood production wouldn’t dare have a cast this White. I didn’t see that much blond hair in the last episode of Vikings.

UPDATE: Here is a better picture of her.

And here is a video of her friends that jumped inside.


The Redhead Rioter has been identified and is in custody.

Her grandma turned her in.

I shit you not.

5 thoughts on “Behold The Face Diversity

  1. So wait: are you saying you don’t think this is an actual race riot, or just that Antifa is taking full advantage of it?


  2. Has anyone set up a GOFUNDME for Grandma for a fifth of Glenfiddich? Cuz I want to buy Grandma a fifth of Glenfiddich. Let’s have a round for her, and toss back another round if the judge sends Red to general population at county with no bail.

    Also, go long whichever company makes the world’s most impact-proof plexiglass.


  3. Way to go Grandma. I have a feeling there is much tension in that family and grandma took the perfect opportunity for some payback.


  4. Based freaking granny ftw!

    Yeah, antifa is using this chaos as a real-time training sim for their direct action teams and so on. God I hate these bastards.


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