Iron Ding-Bat Watch: Memorial Day Update

Memorial Day Weekend is here.  And if you are lucky enough to not live in Michigan, I hope you are able to have a good one with your family.  Please take a moment to reflect upon the reason for the holiday and the men who won’t be joining their families this Monday.

Those of us who are unlucky enough to live in Michigan or any state with a Democrat governor will be spending the weekend standing in defiance of tyranny. Simply by trying to live normally.

We are still under lock down.  And will remain under lock-down because Gretchy-Poo is having a snit.  

There has been protest after protest against her Idiocrasy.  The last one, had barbers giving free haircut outside the Capitol Building. And speaking of, Karl the Barber is officially back in business after a judge shot down our Angry Lesbian AG’s weak and petulant case against him.  They are still vowing revenge against this man in his late seventies.  Maybe they are going to try to send him to one of the Detroit nursing homes that they packed COVID patients into.

This is also the Angry Lesbian AG who has announced that Donald Trump may not enter Michigan because he didn’t wear a mask at that Ford plant.  Also, she wants to shut down the Ford plant, or at least she did until the UAW politely asked what the fuck are doing? Do you really want the UAW to formally back Trump?

Back to the Iron Ding-Bat.

Gretchen is also mad because her political career is over.  Joe Biden is no longer sniffing around her (heh) for the job of VP candidate.  He’s probably going with Amy Klobuchar, in part because the Iron Ding-Bat is now so toxic in her own state that if he puts her on the ticket he’s guaranteed to lose Michigan. And in part, because he was moved so far to the left that he needs a centrist to balance his ticket.  And if you know anything about Biden’s career you are laughing now.

While the stay home order remains in effect, it affects nothing.  Everyone either beat feet up north like they always do or went south to enjoy some of the freedoms people who live in Red States take for granted like eating in a restaurant.

The hilarious part is that she is furious because she honestly expected people to do as she said and not as she did.  She’s from Elk Rapids near the Michigan tourist Mecca of Traverse City and she has a vacation home there that she is visiting this weekend. 

Her husband is mad because he started calling the docks THIS week to try and get their big-ass boat in the water.  Naturally, he was told, “dude we’re sorry but we’ve got a three-week backlog we are only getting started on now because of the lock-down. There is just no way to put you on the list.”

He haughtily replied, “you’d better move that list around. I’m the governor’s husband!”

Which got him the answer of, “okay, now you’re at bottom of it.”

This all torqued her enough to send her into an enraged toddler tantrum and extend the shut-down until June 12th.  Why that date you ask?   Because on the 15th of June, the lawsuit goes in front of the Michigan Supreme Court which currently leans Right by one member.

She would rather have the whole thing be a moot point by then rather than a humiliating defeat which it will undoubtedly be for her.

The next date of interest beyond that will be July 2nd.  That is when the Gubernatorial Recall drive officially starts.

Stay tuned kids!

5 thoughts on “Iron Ding-Bat Watch: Memorial Day Update

  1. Imagine being so sackless that you have to threaten clobbering an establishment with your wife’s balls.

    For whatever reason I see the AG as a bigger danger than the governor. The governor comes across as a below average intelligence woman that just can’t come up with very good shit tests. The angry AG on the other hand, while also not very bright, exudes a very definite murderous vibe that would go hot if given the right conditions.


  2. Where did you read that the Supreme Court won’t hear the case until June 15th? The supposed Republican majority of the Supreme Court is being lazy and giving tacit approval to her lawlessness by delaying the case this long. This case should’ve gone directly to the Supreme Court. What worries me more is that, should the MI Supreme Court side with her, she’ll keep us in perpetual lockdown.

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  3. I heard about her second house and them having a graduation up in Traverse too. I almost couldn’t believe it.

    I don’t know what she has planned to do about the dam breaking the other day but I’m sure she will mess that up too.


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