The Iron Ding-Bat Strikes Again!

This week, the Michigan Medical Veterinary Association sent a formal request to Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. As Corona is on the downswing they asked her to rescind her orders regarding the severe restrictions she placed on spays and neuters.

Her view when that order was imposed in March was that those operations were elective surgery and not worth the risk to the general population.

However, it is now May. Spring has sprung and the animals are all running around outside. There is going to be a major upswing in feral dog and cat population in Michigan. The feral dog population of Detroit is a genuine problem, in particular, there are packs in that city that have been known to hunt people.

And there is also the matter of the surgery being easier to perform on younger animals.

Governer Whitler in perfect Solomonic wisdom drew her sword and then proceeded to cut the baby in half.

Her royal decree is that only Shelter pets may be spayed and neutered.

This is the torrent of stupidity that pours out of the governor’s mansion in Lansing this year.

The GOP in Michigan has been a moribund organization for twenty years but they do control both chambers of the state congress, sadly not a veto-proof one. But even they have been roused from their dreamy lassitude by her latest power grab this week.

The state of emergency law in Michigan gives the governor twenty-eight days to do whatever once the state legislature authorizes the state of emergency. On the twenty-seventh day this week, the Iron Ding-Bat dissolved her own order and issued a new one for the next twenty-eight days.

The state legislature has formally denied the legal legitimacy of this order and passed a motion saying if she didn’t sign the order the bill that would reopen the state they were going to take her court for violating the Constitution of the State of Michigan as well as the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Iron Ding-Bat holds her course undeterred. She has bigger fish to fry.

It’s now obvious that she is doing this under instructions from the Biden Campaign.

“Gretchen honey, destroy Michigan’s economy and we guarantee you theVeep spot on the ticket. And let’s face facts that puts you one eighty-year-old heartbeat away from the White House. Don’t worry about blowback at all. We completely control the press. I mean come on, Chris Cuomo has his own fucking news show. They are literally our family. I guarantee you that if you leave Michigan a wasteland, the press will completely blame Trump for it. You’ve got a job to do.

Now do it!”

She is so drunk with power and the prospect of even more power, that she can’t see the obvious truth that if she succeeds in bulldozing Michigan’s economy, Joe Biden will treat her like he did Tara Reade.

12 thoughts on “The Iron Ding-Bat Strikes Again!

  1. “The feral dog population of Detroit is a genuine problem, in particular, there are packs in that city that have been known to hunt people.”



    1. The worst of that was in 2013 when reports put the number as high as 50,000 feral dogs.

      The dogs would go after house squatters.

      It was not advertised by the city government. The population was reduced in 2014 but it remains a problem. Most are of course Pit-Bull crosses.


      1. Because some people in your country loved to have dangerous dogs which were later thrown out there by many irresponsible owners. At least here there were mixed breeds, that is almost no dangerous breed at all, who usually only bark and sometimes bite the legs, but do not attack to kill.


  2. Is her goal to ensure Trump wins Michigan, Or are the Dems depending on their fraud machine to carry the state?


      1. So subtracting for the massive fraud the Dems engage in everywhere, how much did Trump really win by?


      2. We’ll never know but one thinig is now for certain.

        If Whitmer is on the ticket as Veep, Trump will have a firm grip on the “broken-glass” advantage.

        As in Republican voters in the state will crawl over a mile of broken glass to pull the lever against Whitmer.


  3. Excellent post! Reposted with full credit and link, of course, on my blog, “The Defensive Training Group.”


  4. I hadn’t heard Whitmer banned all spayed and neuters. I know someone who works at the MSU Vet Hospital and they are running with employees only, no students. But, they come out and get the animal and then bring it back out to you when done. Not seeing the point of banning it.

    Things seem to be getting testy in MI. In Ohio we’re trying to figure out why stores we could go in for the past month without a mask, now require one.


  5. For the politicians who aren’t Ivy Starnes in Atlas Shrugged’s 20th Century Motor story (e.g., the ones like Whitmer who LOVE having absolute power over people and don’t want to give it up), it’s a catch-22.

    If they lift the lockdown, every COVID death from that point on will be pinned on them, which they fear will drive them out of office. If it’s a Republican, the ghouls in the media will gleefully pile on and make damn sure that the LIVs know exactly who they think is responsible.

    If they keep the lockdowns in place, they risk provoking civil disobedience or at worst an armed revolt, which will have the same effect. We’re not there yet, but if this drags into the summer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one riot.


  6. It’s good to see that the Republicans have actually grown a spine and are going to actually do something. In speaking to my representative a few weeks ago, he said that there are two emergency powers laws in Michigan. One is from 1976 and the other is from 1945. The 1976 law calls for the legislature to approve any states of emergency. However, the 1945 law allows for a governor to declare a state of emergency, and under such times, they have absolute power. Under the 1945 law, the legislature has no say and the governor holds onto power and calls the shots. When it comes to lifting the state of emergency, the governor alone determines when or if it lifts. Needless to say, we’re in a constitutional crisis in Michigan.


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