GGH: Illidan

Welcome to the Dark Herald’s new series, Gamma Gaming Heroes.

Where I will take a very brief look at some particularly egregious gamma character in a video game that has (for whatever reason) come to my attention.

I am not big on mobile games but if I feel like playing one it is pretty much always Hearthstone. What can I say? The trailer sold me.

But in the newest expansion Ashes of the Outland we are re-introduced to the most Gamma character in all of Azeroth Illidan Stormrage. You have to play the Ashes of the Outland single player to unlock the new Demon Hunter player character. It covers Illidan’s career and holy crap is he a whiney bitch!

Illidan started out as a World of Warcraft character who was destined for greatness but couldn’t get there because the chick he had oneitis for friendzoned him to fuck his totally boss alpha male brother for ten thousand years. And after ten thousand years Illidan still pines for her. He still resents his brother for being super-cool and great with all the girls while he, the so much more worthy elf languishes and cries himself to sleep at night in his bitter loneliness. It’s pathetic!

3 thoughts on “GGH: Illidan

  1. Games only? Admittedly I’m not much of a gamer, but I think tv is where the saddest examples of gamma characters live.


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