Bernie is OUT

Thus assuring that Wandering Joe is going to be the guy that Trump will be beating like a piñata this fall.

The question is why did it take Bernie so long?

One possible answer. Bernie is controlled opposition. I admit it’s a theory with a hole or two but his presence within the party (at least during election years) and his willingness to bend the knee to whoever the anointed candidate is, keeps the growing Socialist movement within the Democratic Party.

A genuine revolutionary would have ridden this out, to the very end. Screamed at mainstream candidates that are being primaried by hardcore Lefties in safe districts. At the convention a true believer would have made a scene and then stormed out of the convention and launched a third-party bid, despite the fact that it would be doomed to failure.

Certainly that is what Crazy-Eyes Ocasio-Cortez was demanding he do. She finally stopped supporting about a month ago when someone broke the news to her that he was never going to betray the establishment like she was demanding he do.

The problem is that Wandering Joe really, REALLY needed to stop campaigning, get the hell away from any cameras and rest up for the general election.

I am no longer worried about a last-minute substitute. Wandering Joe is going to the be the candidate and Trump is going to demolish him.

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