There Actually is a Toilet Paper Shortage

Should have thought of it myself.

The problem is one of logistics.

Or to be exact, where people typcially shit.

Most people divide their potty time between work and home. And these two sets of water closets are supplied by two entirely different supply chains. I mean think about it. How often do you use those gigantic TP rolls you find in a McDonald’s John at home? I am willing to be the answer is probably never.

Where as now there are a very large numbers of people that making their offerings to the porcelain god exclusively at home. Thus burning up a lot more Charmin than typically happens in standard American week. Hence the shortage.

Conversely, the business side of…well business is piling up in the warehouses because their market aren’t open.

I expect market pressures to relieve this strain shortly.

2 thoughts on “There Actually is a Toilet Paper Shortage

  1. I work from home and I get my toilet paper (jumbo 36-pac) from Staples. They have significantly better prices than the supermarket and to the best of my knowledge have not been cleaned out of inventory as badly as they have. Also, they stock the single ply rolls which lasts me about 40% longer roll for roll. Yeah the thin stuff takes a little getting used to, but the savings are worth it.


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