Vote for Sundowner Joe!

A vote for Joe is a vote for Joe’s Replacement!

SkyNews Australia” Biden versus Trump in the debates? There’s not enough popcorn in the world.”

3 thoughts on “Vote for Sundowner Joe!

  1. What if the plan is for Joe to get the nomination, then resign at the convention. The party bosses then choose Hillary as the “compromise” candidate.

    Also the Dems are definitely stealing the election from Bernie. Its kind of funny to see the DNC election rigging apparatus used against one of their own.


      1. I tend to agree with Jew613. Will Biden want to give up the nomination, no. However, he’s falling apart mentally. At this rate he might not even know when he wins. Give him some pudding, tell him he won, and shove him in a nursing home rampant with the Wuhan Flu.


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