The Absolute Death of Doctor Who

It’s been a very long road for Doctor Who, the first episode was broadcast the day John Kennedy was assassinated. It ran from that day until 1987 when it was put on, “temporary hiatus.”

That was technically accurate although a program hiatus doesn’t usually last twenty years. But if you take the show at its official description then it’s been around for nearly sixty years.

In that time the Doctor faced many foes. Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons, Sontarons, The Master, The Silence, The Weeping Angels and various one-shot enemies that are too numerous to mention. He triumphed over them all.

But he has finally met the enemy who has at last vanquished him.

Behold the face of ultimate evil
And Gamma

Against this foe the Doctor alas had no defenses.

Chibnall has retconned the unholy fuckity fucking fuck out of Doctor Who this season. The Soy-Wonder has brought back the Master to kill off all of the Timelords so he can resurrect them as Cybermen who can regenerate. He also presented us with the very first Doctor who was also a woman and (mega-woke bonus points) was also black.

Now, this presented something of a problem because the Timelords are supposed to have a hard cap limit of twelve regenerations. They aren’t supposed to get any more than that. After number twelve it’s the end of the road for any Timelord. The show had made a pretty big deal out of that around the time Matt Smith left the show. On top of this, it was canon for the entire run of the show since 1963 that William Hartnell’s Doctor was the very first one.

So how did Chibnall account for this “Ruth” being the First Doctor? Simple, he demolished the entire sixty year backstory of Doctor Who.

One day many, many ages ago a woman scientist/explorer was gadding about the universe when she came upon a diverse child of color at the mouth of some wormhole or something. And although she was white herself, she adopted this child and was raising it as her own. Then one day the kid fell off a cliff and low and behold regenerated.

Woman scientist/explorer is intrigued by this, straps her adopted child to a table and starts murdering her for ten years until she figures out the secret of regeneration. She shares this with her friends and they…I shit you not…become the first Timelords. The Diverse Child of Color was, of course, the Doctor. Her memory was erased.

This actually beats Luke throwing away his first lightsaber.

This retconning of sixty (well really 40) years of canon is malignantly pointless. There has been nothing but hideous disasters since that blob Chibnall took over and the thing is, with this action he makes it blatantly clear that he never cared about Doctor Who at all. It was always just a paycheck to him.

But I think there is something more at work here.

Petty revenge on the Doctor Who fans who have so completely and utterly rejected his work. He now holds the record for worst ratings of all time for Doctor Who. No one has ever done a worse job. There are those who point out that the rating were worse in 1986 but that was when Doctor Who was a genuine kid’s show. This epic fail is on prime-time. Fans are now crying, “Moffat all is forgiven. Please, come back to us!”

“Sunday’s episode of Doctor Who, “The Timeless Children,” saw 3.78 million viewers tune in, but what is especially troublesome for the BBC is the fact that the shows preceding Doctor Who and following both had a higher amount of viewers all in the same range.

Prior to Doctor Who saw Countryfile with 4.44 million viewers, and following Doctor Who saw Antiques Roadshow with 4.41 million.”

According to those numbers, about six hundred thousand people turned off their TVs when Doctor Who came on and turned them on again only after it was over.

The BBC has reached a state of SJW convergence that nearly prevents them from performing their core functions. However, it’s government funded so it doesn’t have to worry about going out of business unless BoJo follows through on his threat to get rid of the Television License Fee.

If that happens, then I the Doctor will go on “temporary hiatus” again.

Not permanently. That’s impossible in today’s market.

4 thoughts on “The Absolute Death of Doctor Who

  1. It’s sad to see what happened to Doctor Who. I remember watching the Tom Baker shows on PBS after school. I was never able to get into nuWho. A few of the episodes were really good. But, the show was way too overblown most of the time. Plus you could see the SJW crud early on. Someone made the point that they made Doctor Who into a god that everyone looked to to save them. I tend to agree.


    1. I could never get into nu-Who, since it seemed like a fanfic version of Doctor Who written for lonely housewives who wanted some mysterious dreamboat from beyond the stars to come into their lives and whisk them away on a romantic adventure. Can’t fault the showrunners for doing that – it made the show popular.


  2. It’s the SJW Xanatos Gambit.

    “You normal decent people have something you love, or just enjoy? Okay. You can only have it if you let us take over and make it woke.”

    “And it’s no good shrugging, letting us have the thing, and making something new. DIE says we’ll get that one as well it if crosses our horizon. “


  3. This was, as you said, a giant middle finger to Whovians who hated what had happened to the show. However, a lot of this garbage that Chinballs did was actually set up by Moffat. In the episode, The Doctor’s Wife, Neil Gaiman had a line by Matt Smith saying that the Corsair was a good time lord, and that he was sometimes a she. As head writer, he allowed it in the show. Or who can forget he had the Master regenerate into a woman named Missy. Then, in Capaldi’s era, he had a white, male timelord regenerate into a black woman. Chinballs still sucked and at least Moffat respected the history enough to not retcon everything. In closing, Chinballs is just taking the baton that Moffat gave, and going even further off the rails.


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