Picard: It Ain’t Just Me

Mike and Dick the Birthday Boy
Easily the best of reviews

Redlettermedia’s big point is just how bad the J.J. Abrams Science is compared to Next Gen.

Next Gen: Captain, the star has begun a rapid cycle of inflation and deflation, strongly indicating it will shortly go nova.

J. J. Abrams Science: Captain the star is going to go super nova within minutes and destroy the entire galaxy.

This is the closest thing to a positive review.

Nerdrotic probably came closest to the heart of the problem. “Kurtzman doesn’t care about any of the shows he runs. He just wants a franchise.”

This is absolutely true. And this is why our favorites are being dragged through the mud. These producers have little interest in the authorial intent that drives an intellectual property. They aren’t superfans or even casual fans. They are just Hollywood hacks who want a job and can get a production green lit.

And right now the only thing you can get the cameras rolling on is an existing property. So the hacks grab something from before the blurring effect and slap some crap together.

UPDATE: And now Drinker joins in the dogpile.

One thought on “Picard: It Ain’t Just Me

  1. (Black screen. Music/Godfather Waltz fades in)
    (White text)”The Godfather: Modern Era: Vito”
    (Dissolve to: A garden. Vito is underneath an umbrella reading the NY Times dated 27 January 2020)
    VITO: “Ah, this pezzonovante Trump, why won’t he just quit?! He won’t support the trans-community and I just want to see him gone!”
    MICHAEL: “I know, pop, he’s just the worst, on this all Americans agree.”
    FREDO: “I dunno guys, he seems like he keeps his word, the economy’s going good…”
    (Fade to black)
    (White text) “Coming 1 November 2020. The Godfather: Modern Era: Vito”
    (White text) “Written by Alex Kurtzman”
    (Fade out)

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