Blogs and Ends: Proto-Monty Python

In honor the passing of Sir Terry Jones, (may his family find comfort now that his suffering has ended). I did some digging into the bowels of the internet and found some of his early work.

This is Monty Python’s genesis.

The Utter History of Britain.

This featured Terry Jones and his life long friend Michael Palin.

And let me make this clear. If you do watch this you will be fast forwarding a LOT.

Part II


Don’t Adjust Your Set

Interestingly, if you go digging through this you will find some skits that got reshot for Monty Python.


At Last The 1948 Show.

I strongly considered not including this because Terry Jones isn’t in it but since this one also featured a few sketches that were reshot for Monty Python.

Goodbye Sir Terry. May you find the after life a pleasant surprise.

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