The Dark Fate of Terminator

Woke Terminator doesn’t sell? That’s unpossible! I think that Miller and company were hoping that the FBO (aka the China market) would make up for any shortfalls in the domestic box-office take. As bad as it was, Gensys, actually did massive business in China, so it was probably hoped that that would hold true for […]

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Eighties Table Top

Recently, while cleaning out the garage I ran into something I’d completely forgotten about. Finding this book touched off a wave of bittersweet nostalgia for me.  My college gaming night group switched off of Dungeons and Dragons for a while because there was a guy, that three of us were trying to ditch. And one […]

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Jack Ryan Season 2 Has Dropped

I did a Cataline Recommends when season one came out. Minor problem. It was brief and part of a Blogs and Ends post. I looked it over and decided that with Blizzcon being held this weekend the content was all reasonably relevant. I’ll do a proper and likely scathing review of Jack Ryan season 2 […]

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