Cataline Does Not Recommend: Jack Ryan Season 2

Who ever is in charge of the Tom Clancy estate is not taking very good care of the Old Man’s legacy.

This was boring and it didn’t remotely resemble a Tom Clancy story.

Last season was pretty bad but if you were Clancy fan there were a few things here and there that you could enjoy. Matice for instance, the hard as nails field officer. And yeah, they killed him off in this one. The only decent Tom Clancy character is now dead. Greer who is no longer an Admiral but is a Muslim has now developed a heart condition. I thought they were going to do the audience a favor and kill off the mentor like Clancy did in the books. No such luck.

Kathy Ryan is nowhere to be seen now. In fact Jack bangs some Venezuelan spy that works for German Intelligence. Which he would never have done in the books. This rich Millennial is not Jack Ryan.

Like I said before, I knew there was trouble ahead when they showed a splash shot of Jack Ryan’s dog tags and they read NO PREF. Jack Ryan was a No Pref? Jack is suddenly an atheist instead of Catholic?

At this point the producers feel secure enough to start shitting all over Tom Clancy’s work to make good Progressive bullshit.

It started off reasonably promising. A sea launch satellite and nobody knows who it belongs to. Okay, that’s not a bad beginning. Then the president of Venezuela orders a US Senator assassinated because…well they never did get around to coming up with believable reason for a casus belli against the United States of America by third world country.

The satellite was some kind of magic Lidar platform that was going to allow the evil president of Venezula to find SUBTERRANEAN natural resources, which was bad for reasons that I couldn’t remotely care about. The bottom line is that Lidar can’t see beneath the ground nor is it useful for tracking enemy troops. This subplot was stupid but nowhere near as stupid as the main one.

Evil President Reyes was a Nationalist. Nationalism was what ruined Venezuela instead of socialism. That is stupid and insulting.

Mostly, nothing happens for eight episodes. In the final one, Jack Ryan, a CIA officer beats up the president of Venezuela. This is beyond retarded.

If there is a third season look for Ryan to be taking down a rogue president of the United States who is secretly a pawn of Russia.

Cataline Does Not Recommend.

3 thoughts on “Cataline Does Not Recommend: Jack Ryan Season 2

  1. I don’t always watch Pop Culture phenomena, but when I do I spot the rot before anyone else.

    But I still haven’t figured out how to post an original meme to a WP combox.

    Joking aside, I got 4 episodes into Jack Ryan and said “This is going to go down the stupid train” Three chapters into GoT and “Nihilistic degeneracy with an unsatisfactory ending. Nope.” Two episodes into Stranger Things part 2: “Evil and stupid. Pass.”

    There’s not much left on normie TV I find tolerable.


  2. Alec Baldwin has been the only actor to really nail the character. Ford was simply too old for the part. Pine doesn’t have the look. Although Shadow Recruit wasn’t too bad of a movie. Afleck wasn’t right either and Sum of All Fears was bad because they made it nonsensical neo-Nazis. Of course, they tweaked one of the Ford movies because Clancy had a black group as part of the bad guys.

    So, you are saying they decided to take the name, wear it like a skin suit, and demand respect.


  3. Agree with Chris Lutz–Baldwin was great as Ryan. Much as I hate Baldwin and Sean Penn as human beings, they bring their A game more often than not.


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