It Just Keeps Getting Better

2 thoughts on “It Just Keeps Getting Better

  1. “Did the show just come out and say that you should stay in the closet if society somehow benefits from it…?”

    “[Batwoman] knows how to use all the equipment with absolutely no training whatsoever…”

    “She tortures a guy nearly to death, but it was off-screen and no-one makes a big deal about it. So torture is no biggie if you don’t actually SEE the hero do it.”

    “What it would take at this point for Alice to be captured by Batwoman. What does a villain need to do before Kate Kane says, ‘You know, maybe you should be in jail.'”

    “Kate is using Bruce’s money. Just because. Apparently this is legal… ”

    “Kate Kane: ‘I don’t have the attention span to keep a relationship going for more than a week, and I have no experience or training, but I can start up a major Real Estate firm from scratch. Just because.'”

    Everyone in Gotham City seems to like Batwoman by episode 1, but has ever seen anything she’s ever done until Episode 4. This is actually reasonable. A cute chick will always get the benefit of the doubt until you find out what an unbearable toxic harpy she is.

    …. I had to stop listening. The show is too annoying to even listen to someone talking about it. The finally get a Ginger character and she’s a dud. Feature? Bug?

    N.B. If this comment shows up more than once: WPDE


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