Busy Today Getting the Last of the Winterizing Done

Winter has arrived waaaaay too early here in West Michigan. I will be frantically trying to get everything that needs doing down today.

So this is all you are getting.

A critique of My Little Pony the Movie.

As father of a daughter the right age, I am in horrifying position of knowing that this critiques is 100% accurate.

Also Jenny Nicholson does a perfect imitation of a Gamma Male.

Okay, here’s a bonus. And it is the reason I secretly enjoy the show.

Second Bonus: According to Doomcock, The Rise of Skywalker will introduce a Secret Skywalker!

8 thoughts on “Busy Today Getting the Last of the Winterizing Done

  1. Ah, so here I may safely, anonymously, come out of the closet as an MLP fan (also via young daughters, I swear).

    I have to warn you, if it’s not too late, that seasons 8 and 9, particularly the series finale, finally got pozzed. In rage-induced DuckDuckGoing, I discovered that by then the writing and production team had been effectively fully-converged by the usual suspects.

    It’s a damn shame. Now my older daughter is asking for a new series to watch, and while I would love to cut TV from our household off entirely, we’re not there yet. Any recommendations?


  2. Not the first Phineas and Ferb recommendation I’ve seen. Aside from a few specials, I haven’t found the series available on disc or streaming. Does anyone know where I should look? Many thanks.


      1. Thank you for the lead. Please note that P+F on Hulu is locked behind the $45/mo tier.
        For those willing, it will also be on the Disney+ service.


    1. My library has the some of the series on DVD

      My Neighbor Totoro is a good one off that many libraries have.

      Alao.. If on can get tell Pony Mad Princess series I read that to my daughter so many times…


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