Final Warning

Just to be clear about this, if you feel the urge to post a comment about how you are not interested in what I posted. Fight the urge because…





This applies to all posts. Not just the ones where I’ve finally lost my temper.

5 thoughts on “Final Warning

  1. You run a tight ship, Cataline.

    And, no joke, I’m glad about this policy statement. I have seen yutzes in the comment sections of other blogs declaring, with some kind of stupid pride, that the yutz “could care less” (sic) about the topic in question. When I read stuff like that, I think, “Then why bother to even make a comment?”

    I have enough activity to fill my day that, if one of the websites which I happen to frequent features a post about a topic in which I have little or no interest, I will not waste my time, or anyone else’s, telling everyone that the subject at hand does not interest me. What kind of entitled narcissist does that?


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