Blogs and Ends: 9/28/19…Yeah, That’s the Title

What does made for children mean?

My thumbnail definition is, a story where kids can keep up with the narrative AND there is no material in it that the majority of parents will find objectionable.

It does not mean a story that is so bad that only children can enjoy it because generally speaking they probably won’t.

The desire for Satan’s children to push the boundary on what parents are allowed to publicly declare as objectionable material is a post for another time.


OVERWATCH is dead…for real this time.  

I just saw a headline that said, “No DPS Players Don’t Have A Right to Short Wait Times.”

True, so far as it goes but it doesn’t change the fact that this meta is the worst in the game’s three year history. 

The sad part is that everyone was so excited when 2/2/2  first landed on the PTR. Because everyone thought it was going to solve the imbalance problem that has plagued the game for years.  The truth is that OVERWATCH set out to be the game that would out TF2, Team Fortress Two. It was going to have more of everything…and that was the problem. 

Eight Tank heroes

Seven Support heroes


Sixteen (SIXTEEN!) DPS heroes

With only six player slots available per game,it was generally agreed among the player base and, well everyone really, that two tanks, two DPS and two healers was the ideal team comp (composition).  The problem is that everyone who plays this game has a character that is their favorite. DPS with literally twice as many characters as the other two categories, clogged the team comps. The game would start and three slots that would be instalocked by DPS players.  Which meant the team was going to be down either a tank or a healer, take your pick. 

DPS players for their part would endear themselves to the solo healer by screeching “heal me” constantly. The truth was even DPS players wanted the selection process taken out of their hands.  

It has to be said, when 2/2/2 was first introduced player moral soared.  The PTR was more played then at any other time in the game’s history. And the launch of Sigma was nearly pitch perfect. Everything was coming up roses for this newest iteration of OVERWATCH.

But the honeymoon is over for 2/2/2.  The wait times for DPS is bad at all levels and is as high as one hour at high ranks.  The DPS Twitch streamers are all quitting the game because they have no choice. No one is going to watch a stream where the only action is provided by a Waiting Time clock. Even Seagul has quit the game and I didn’t think that would ever happen.

And it gets worse for Blizzard.  Blizzcon 2018 was such a disaster that Blizzard lost half of it’s stock value. It’s only thirty four days until Blizzcon 2019 and they are going into it with a major game meltdown on their hands.

No, DPS players don’t have a right to short wait times but they don’t have to play OVERWATCH either.



Okay, I’m done here.

2 thoughts on “Blogs and Ends: 9/28/19…Yeah, That’s the Title

  1. Quite the gig the young lady has, 1.3 mil views, 60k likes, not bad at all. As I noted on Popoli Maher has a decent bit about white “anti-racists” and how pathetic he thinks they are. Of course this confuses the PayCons per usual since their lives are but tailgating the Left, being they are the rugged individual intellectuals and all. So the signal goes out from a nominally Jewish 1%er with a bit of cultural cred to knock off the white virtue signaling/imploring the next racial Cambodian level genocide and go out and socially mingle with black people or something but knock off the killing of Manhattan property values at all costs.

    Back to the young lady, she is better than all the Paycons, she puts the tumblr chicks in proper perspective the paycons totally hopeless low SMV fails.


  2. Generally in a team sport you should have the attitude of doing what’s best for the team. So DPS players should pick up a tank or support second choice they can switch to for the sake of the rest of the team. Or have a mini tournament for the dps slots. The second part might be the better fit for the twitchies.


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